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Atlee Treasure - BIPOc Yoga

Yoga for People of COLOR  /  BIPOC YOGA

Yoga for Black, Indigenous & People of Color (BIPOC)

Influences & Styles:  Hatha, Iyengar, & Ashtanga Yoga

Find calm and ease as Atlee guides through breath work and movement that allow expansion, challenge the body, and build strength and awareness. Explore the mind and body connection with focus on foundation and rooting.

Creating Yoga, Meditation, and healing spaces that are by and for People of Color to hold space together is important.  Expanding access to People of Color is a central part of Restival's mission to provide safe and vulnerable space for all to discover and experience these diverse spiritual practices.


Atlee has been practicing yoga avidly for over 8 years.

After being introduced to yoga in 1997, he went on to receive his teacher training through 8 Limbs Yoga in Seattle, and continues to study Ashtanga with Troy Lucer of Acme Yoga Project.


Atlee believes that a strong body helps build a strong mind and that a combination of yoga and regular strength training are the tools to a healthier life.  This passion for fitness, health and mindfulness drive him to help others find the same for themselves.

Atlee is a Crossfit® and endurance race athlete, competing in the Crossfit® Open and Spartan races around the country.

Atlee teaches @ 8 Limbs Yoga as well ZUM Fitness in Seattle, WA.

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