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Kundalini Yoga, Meditation, Sound & Integration

with Ashley & Erik of OmTara

Calmness, Strength, Self-Regulation & Transformation

These are turbulent times.  We can all use more tools that put us in greater touch with every breath, every step, every moment.  Such tools connect us more deeply with our bodies, emotions, our mind & spirit to bestow calmness, strength and presence to meet what arises.

These tools are readily available through yoga & breath practices, meditation, self-inquiry, and through the use of healing sound current.  

Through practice, we place these tools in our personal toolbox & integrate their many uses into our daily lives.  

Join OmTara at Breitenbush in early July to learn & practice these yogic & meditation tools for self-regulation, calmness and personal transformation.


All Are Welcome

OmTara welcomes all people & gender identities to this retreat.  We offer discounted prices on workshop & lodging fees for people of color (BIPOC) to attend.  We welcome your feedback & we will work together in the creation of a safe and harmonious space for all people to feel welcome.  

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Why Kundalini Yoga & Mantra?

Kundalini Yoga effectively combines Movement, Mantra, Meditation & Breath 
with equal focus on each of these four integral parts.  Breath awareness is key to Kundalini practice. We will often work with yoga asanas/movements that are repetitive over several minutes, crossing the midline to inhale on one side & exhale on the other.

Kundalini Mantra draws from the Sikh mantra tradition & uses the Gurmukhi language. We focus on the Naad, or Sound Current, conveyed with chanting or singing the mantras with live music.  We use our voices to enter the meditative vibration of the Naad, which works to restore our body, mind & spirit.  Kundalini mantras don't reference specific deities per se, but tend to focus on a source consciousness & the ocean of creative energy that surrounds us.  We will take time to convey translations and common uses of the mantras for greater understanding & connection to this rich tradition of building awareness.

Sound Healing

OmTara values song & sound healing very highly in our yogic practice.  

The restorative, calming & sometimes visionary effect of gong & crystal bowl sound baths on the nervous system can be profound.  Utilizing sound healing & song to turn on the parasympathetic nervous system supports our ability to rest & digest.    



Integration is essential to nourish, nurture and explore what may surface during your practice.  Using Integration tools, activities and inquiries, we will investigate and hold these transformations in a safe container together.  We will create time for journaling, art, movement, breath, being in stillness, sharing in dyads, triads and small groups to notice what has arisen. 

“The ultimate purpose of inquiry is that it allows us to pause.
In the space of a pause, truth can shine through.” - Tara Brach

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Cost Breakdown

  • Workshop Fee:  $300 + Breitenbush Lodging (see below)

  • BIPOC Workshop Fee:  $225 + Breitenbush Lodging with 10% discount (see below)

  • Total workshop cost + lodging is per person for 3 days/2 nights including all meals, workshop activities, & hot springs use.

  • Reserve your spot by registering & paying the workshop fee.  OmTara will contact you soon after to select your Breitenbush lodging options and set up lodging payment.

  • Lodging prices below are single-occupancy.  Each additional person sharing an accommodation pays a reduced cost per night.  More info when you register.

  • Option to extend your personal stay at Breitenbush through July 4th or 5th 
    More info when you register.


Lodging Options

  • Breitenbush lodging prices below are single occupancy July 1 to 3.

  • Each additional person per accommodation will pay a discounted lodging fee for 2 nights.  

  • OmTara will contact you about your specific lodging choices when you register for the retreat.

  • There is an option to extend your personal stay into July 4 or 5.


Bring Your Own Tent (BYOT) - $234 total weekend cost
Each Tent site accommodates one tent.
Sites do not have fire pits & fires are not allowed.
Bring a warm sleeping bag and enjoy all the warmth of hot springs, steam sauna, healthy meals, friendship, and yoga.

Private Vehicle.png

Personal Vehicle Site - $234 total weekend cost
​Personal Vehicle sites accommodate a truck with camper or a camper van of up to 21 feet in total length for in-vehicle sleeping.  These sites are not meant for tow-behind trailers. There are no hookups and no running of generators allowed.

Platform Tent.png

Bbush Platform Tent - $294 total weekend cost
​Enjoy the ease of our Platforms Tents.  Nine by nine foot tents already set up for you on a wooden platform, surrounded by forest that remains green after recent wildfires. Each tent comes with two twin-sized foam camp mattresses.

Aviary Tent - SOLD OUT.jpeg

Aviary Tent - $394 (Sold Out)
​The Aviary offers canvas tent-cabins named after birds from the Pacific Northwest nestled in the forest.  Each tent-cabin has one full-size bed, nightstand, cafe table and chairs, plus a table on the covered porch. Up to two twin camping mats can be added to the room upon requests.



Erik Blender  & Ashley Collins

Erik + Ash.jpg

Erik Blender is a certified Kundalini Yoga & Meditation teacher through IKYTA  (International Kundalini Yoga Teachers Association) who teaches Yoga & Meditation regularly through OmTara Yoga online at Breitenbush Hot Springs in Central Oregon as well as healing and meditation events around the Pacific NW.  Erik is also a certified Level 2 teacher of Trauma-Sensitive Yoga with Warriors at Ease, a non-profit organization that focuses on yoga & meditation for treatment of PTSD in military veterans. 

Ashley Collins is an Integration Counselor, Life Coach and Meditation Guide who has worked with alternative healing and integration methods for the past ten years. In her counseling practice she weaves in Hakomi Methodology, Internal Family Systems and Mindful Compassionate Dialogue via Wiseheart to create a container of consciousness, transformation, healing and presence. 
See more about Ashley's counseling practice @ OmTara Counseling.

As a life-partner team, Ashley & Erik produce intimate healing retreats in beautiful locations around the Pacific NW.  Both Ashley & Erik perform, lead mantra kirtan and facilitate sound healing in the devotional music group OmTara.

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