Ayomide Njo & Kian Nikzi

Chakralot Drinking Chocolate Ceremonies

Drinking Chocolate Ceremonies


Join Ayomide and Kian as they take you on a journey through your chakras with Chakralot Drinking Chocolate. 


You will experience 7 unique blends of meditation chocolate with over 60 alchemical elements added to help you feel, heal and empower your body and spirit.  The Chakralot team have been working on these recipes for 6 years and are excited to introduce you to them at this year's Resonance Festival. 

Chakralot Meditation Chocolate:

In 2013, Ayomide Njo and Kian Nikzi created their amazing Chakralot Meditation Chocolates. Each chocolate is connected to the seven sacred chakras that are energy fields in the body.

Infused with botanical herbs and spices, their chocolates are a delicious journey that everyone can experience. Chocolate can be a used as a sweet treat or a tool to support you in investigating your deepest self through meditation.


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