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Cacao Ceremonies

Cacao Ceremonies at Restival

According to Mayan legend, cacao comes from the rainforest whenever there is an imbalance between humans and nature to help us open our hearts again and return to harmony.  Some shamans say that cacao is ‘the food for the shift’ - representing the new order of love and peace being cultivated right now.

Luz Helena holds deep intention to create sacred space for a collective journey back to our hearts. She works intuitively and weaves group shares, prayer, music, breath work and whatever else arises in the moment to still the mind, activate prana, open the heart and bring us back into connection with the one.

We will be supported by a beautiful blend of ceremonial cacao from Guatemala as well as Peru.  Each journey will be unique and shaped by the intentions of the group.  In this time where there is so much separation, it is vital to come together in community in ritual, to invoke spirit with the strength of group prayer and meditation. Join us to nurture your connection with spirit, with the earth, with yourself and one another.

My name is Luz Helena and I work intuitively from the heart. I help people reconnect with their intuition and freely express their truth. Working with me is for those who yearn for deep and gentle life-changing transformation along with some good belly laughs. I host “Intuition Community Groups” which support people in reconnecting with their true selves in a loving community. I also offer one-on-one support, workshops, kirtans and retreats.


After 6 years as a corporate trainer and growing discontent with life, I left everything and traveled across Asia for 3 years to my own surprise. Two of those years I spent living, breathing and embodying the culture of yoga while apprenticing with a Yoga Master in Nepal. I then felt the call to Hawaii where I fully reconnected to the Aina (land) and remembered ancient teachings. My roots are now in Portland where I teach, sing, dance, frolic in nature and cultivate community.

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