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Conscious Breathwork Ceremonies

Witness - Consciousness Breath Work

There is a place within you that withstands the storms and stories of all time. A place where the salve for every wound lies.  A knowing beyond a shadow of a doubt who you are and what you arrived here in heaven to do.  Many of us "think we know" this in concept. But it eludes us still...

There isn't a ceremony or medicine from Earth or Sky that can ever break you fully free to the other side without the forgotten intelligent design of the Witness, and original vessel of perception- your beautiful heart. The Western/Modern nervous system has been altered and rewired from societal indoctrination and compounded epigenetic traumas. How can we engage responsibly in these sacred spaces for healing that can integrate into a real human life- without reinforcing the trauma story our mind is hooked upon? In what does our faith lie to truly break free, witness and surrender?...

I invite you to a container to explore this Witness Consciousness in a ceremony of Breath and awaken your original vessel of perception.

Let your story become Myth or let it go....

Breathe The Moon - (For Female Bodied Folks)

Intimacy and sensual pleasure has been tainted and tabooed as sexual misconduct.  Sexuality among women - and all who share body identities, has been labeled as a stray from "God" under our indoctrinated conditioning in fear of punishment and banishment. How can we heal, deepen or manifest any relationship in our lives without loving, adoring, adorning with touch, ceremony and curiosity this feminine body - in which we also reside?

In this circle we will share from that deep place and then breathe together. As we heal this chasm in ourselves the divide inside also closes for others in the collective. You will then learn a simple and powerful meditation to awaken your own intimacy - "into me I see"

About Jamie - wellbellyhealing.com

Jamie Renee Lashbrook is a Womb Wisdom Keeper.  For close to a decade she has worked as Maya Abdominal Practitioner, Clinical Visceral Specialist, Breath Work Practitioner and ceremonialist with individuals and in groups.  Her studies with the Somatic Experiencing Institute also bring a level of trauma awareness, not trauma focus, to all of her offerings.

Her focus is on the medicine and original story in each person, patiently and lovingly waiting behind the traumas.  She elegantly touches the longing place in you- the ever-present, still, small voice that is unwavering despite the stories of your life. She weaves this energy into her breath work ceremonies and individual one on one sessions along with intuitive guidance, voice, touch, prayer and what is alive in the moment with your guides.  

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