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for Adults and Families

Authentic Relating Games are playful, profound ways to engage with others more meaningfully. These games are designed to move us from surface level engagement to heart-rich connection simply and quickly. Come socialize in a creative and supportive environment! Expect to go deep, to challenge yourself, to laugh and to light(en) up!

Jennifer Love will be offering AR games for adults AND for FAMILIES!

Imagine a world where we freely identify and express our emotional landscape, identify our needs and ask for what we need/want. Imagine fostering these skills as a family.

Come explore our humanness, how we relate, how we nourish, encourage and nurture through GAMES!


Jennifer Love shares mindful, relational practices to foster deeper, more meaningful connection and help us feel more of our hearts. She most recently toured the U.S., helping others to see and feel more of themselves, take bigger risks, and delight in true intimacy that is often missed in our consumer-driven, fast-paced society. She enjoys many formats in human relating and believes that intimacy in relating to one another is the medicine of our time. Our world lights up when we know ourselves deeply, share our essence, and witness others do the same.

She is dedicated to creating a world in which adults and children can identify and freely express their emotional landscape.


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