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Reishi Strauss

Plant Walks & Plant Medicine

Plant & Mushroom Identification Walk

Come take a prance in the forest from a fairy’s perspective - say hello to surrounding plants, mushrooms, and trees, learning each of their names and their healing properties. Take a nibble on new growth of a cedar frond, inhale the intoxicating aroma of wild rose, dance with the feathery leaves of pacific bleeding heart, listen to the sound of wind whistling through the bracts of Douglas fir cones, and see the

interconnection, beauty, and aliveness of the forest with new eyes 

Self Care Rituals with Plant Medicine

Learn how to tend to the garden of your body with plant medicine! We will go over how to make botanical medicines for self-care such as herbal infused oils & self-massage, body butters, botanical hair care, herbal steams, foot baths, aromatherapy, and create a collective Earth altar. 

Reishi Strauss

​Reishi Strauss grew up in the Appalachian mountains of southwestern Virginia, learning the basics of traditional western herbalism from various teachers and the plants themselves. In the summer of 2016 she drove her van cross-country to attend school at Bastyr University, where she completed courses in botanical medicine, mycology, ethnobotany, pharmacognosy, the history of herbal medicine, and more.  She specializes in wildcrafting, intuitive plant medicine, medicine making, aromatherapy, and medicinal mushrooms.  A yoga teacher and ecstatic dance practitioner, Reishi also weaves breathwork, meditation, and sensory practices into her practice of plant medicine.   Reishi has taught plant identification walks and workshops at Cascadia Festival, Blessed Coast, Resonance Restival, Bastyr Herb and Food Fair, and Firefly Earth Skills Gathering.

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