Sara Snedeker

Community Arts

We're excited to have Sara back at the Restival to lead folks of all ages in creating a peace of art over the weekend.  People contribute as they feel drawn throughout the weekend and we end up with a beautiful piece or mandala based on a yogic theme.  This year, Sara will be based at the lunch area / late night Tea Zone for all to jump in and co-create!

About Sara -

I’m a local muralist and social practice artist, and I’ve been engaging communities in the public art process across the Pacific Northwest for the last 10 years. I have an affinity for creating works of art that are interactive, dynamic, colorful and engaging. I LOVE to create works of art that are bold, bright, geometric and/or depict native plants and animals that share urban space with all of us.


Public art and collaborative installations serve as a platform to engage communities, businesses and groups of individuals (any age) more deeply. Group creative expression has the capacity to break us out of our old ways of thinking and expand our capacity to think outside of the box and open us up to new ways of being. Co-creation has a deep capacity to facilitate depth, meaning and connection through a shared novel experience. 


Over the last ten years I have witnessed nearly 3,000 people pick up a brush, tap into their inner creative genius and PAINT! A majority of participants initially said they weren’t creative or that they couldn't paint. However, amaigly, ALL of them participated and were delighted to find that they hadn’t lost their capacity to embody creativity. Over the years I have developed the tools and capacity to create the structure and space needed so others can access peak creative states known as flow.

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