Alexa Sunshine Rose

The Power of Intentional Sound +

Live Music Performance

The Power of Intentional Sound


Sound carries great power. Many world cultures consider sound to be the originator of all creation, the seed from which everything grew, the vibration that caused this physical universe to manifest out of the void. When sound is paired with our conscious intentions, our voices can utilize this very real power to affirm life, and empower, heal and bring peace to ourselves and the world.

In this workshop we will explore and experience together the vast potential of intentional sound. Through shared discussion, intentional sounding and singing, prayer and reflection, we will lean into what it means to use our voices as tools for healing and change.

Alexa will also grace the Restival with a live performance on the sweet night-time tea zone stage.

About Alexa

After witnessing the transformative power of music in a healing ceremony, Alexa asked for music to come through her, to assist in the healing of the earth and all beings. She began to receive songs the next day. Two years later, with the help of a gracious donor, Alexa was able to record her first full-length CD, "Roses".

Alexa brings deep, prayerful intent with her into performances, creating a safe, transformational space for audience members to remember their hearts. Smooth and melodic, rich and meditative, her music speaks to the peace within our centers; the peace which cannot be affected by any outside circumstance. Her songs weave a strong yet delicate nest of prayer, supporting true remembrance of this peace in all who hear them.

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