Nick Mattos

Kundalini Morning Sadhana &

Osho Active Meditation

Kundalini Yoga Morning Sadhana

5 to 7 am Saturday & Sunday at the Restival

The foundational practice of Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan, morning sadhana is a complete yogic practice incorporating breath, movement, chanting, meditation, and sacred poetry to align and empower every aspect of your being and prepare you to move radiantly into your day.

Osho Active Meditation

OSHO Active Meditations are scientifically designed for 21st century people to help us contact inner silence in a joyful and fun way. Each meditation begins with activity and physical movements such as shaking, dancing, and sound, then moves into relaxation and stillness. This is the moment where meditation can happen – a moment to be alert and simply watching the body´s sensations, the thoughts and feelings passing through, accepting everything without any judgement. No previous experience is required for OSHO Active Meditations — only motivation, commitment, and curiosity.

About Nick

Nick Mattos (Sat Narayan Singh, Swami Dhyan Pratap) has practiced yoga and meditation for over half his life. He is a certified Teacher of Kundalini Yoga and a certified Hatha Yoga instructor through Evolation Yoga. He is the Founder of Vanishing Point Fellowship, a group of teachers and healers bringing effective, accessible metaphysical tools to diverse individuals and communities. Nick currently lives in Sonoma County, CA where he works for The Shift Network and lives in a charming little cabin at the Ananda Kamalayaya Ashram. He prays that he may be a clear channel for these beautiful teachings, and that each of his students may connect with the Teacher within themselves through their practice. 

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