OmTara residential weekend retreats are intimate gatherings of up to 30 people focused on personal transformation through elevation of yoga, meditation & spiritual practices.

Erik Blender & Ashley Collins of OmTara will lead you on daily energetic yoga sadhana with deep instruction on basic to advanced principles of Kundalini Yoga, Meditation, & Breath practices & combined with sound bath healing techniques. 

Additionally, we'll guide you in the use of powerful Hakomi-based integration tools to actively apply what arises in your practice to your personal health & transformation.

Kundalini Yoga - all levels welcome

Energetic Kundalini yoga practice in 2 hour class segments 2x per day.  Deepen your practice with a cycle of yoga sets designed for the journey of intention, growth & action to support a deeper connection to the full-flowering of your Sat Nam - your reason for being here and your life's purpose. Along the way, we'll focus on nervous system health, overcoming stress & trauma, and taking your yoga practice to its next level. 


Pranayam / Breath & Mantra MEDITATION

Kundalini Yoga includes a very wide variety of breath practices as well as mantra meditations.

We'll go deep with selected pranayam methods and mantra meditations to support overall nervous system balancing, restoration of healthy brain chemistry, restoration of the rest & digest functions of the parasympathetic nervous system and much more. 

Come away with tools to manage stress in your life, transform your responses to conflict, restore healthy sleep rhythms, as well as tools to deal with the lingering effects of trauma and PTSD.

SOUND HEALING - Gong, Crystal Bowls & More

Sound healing is a profound tool for deepening of meditation & yoga practice. You will bathe each day in angelic frequencies that guide your brain into delta & theta brain-wave states for growth, restoration, deep meditation, and the flow of sub-conscious information rising to the surface of consciousness through our sadhana practices.  OmTara regularly leads sound healing & meditation at Mandala Yoga in Portland & Breitenbush Hot Springs in Central Oregon.

Integration of your experience - mindfulness, somatic experiencing & guidance

So much comes through emotionally and physically when we practice yoga & meditation in a sustained way - but how can we integrate what comes through in a transformative way to our daily lives?  We'll go deep into integration practices through guided mindfulness, somatic experiencing and Hakomi methods to support personal and collective integration into your life. Come away with real tools and support for personal transformation.  

Ashley Collins of OmTara will facilitate these beautiful sessions.  For more information on Ashley's integration and counseling practice, see OmTara Counseling.


Join the full OmTara band in a collective song journey that spans from Kundalini & Hindu mantra to Hebrew & English heart-opening songs.  Find your voice, hear your song, develop your vocal practice in a loving, supportive setting. Kirtan with OmTara takes us into individual and collective ecstatic & meditative states of connection with oneness consciousness. 

Going deep with the mantras together is a fun and powerful way to support & elevate all the growth & wisdom flowing through the yoga & meditation practices.  LISTEN TO OmTARA

Retreat Facilitators - Erik Blender & Ashley Collins

Erik Blender is a certified Kundalini Yoga & Meditation teacher through IKYTA  (International Kundalini Yoga Teachers Association) who teaches Yoga, Meditation & guides sound healing regularly at Mandala Yoga in Portland, OR as well as at Breitenbush Hot Springs in Central Oregon as well as healing and meditation events around the Pacific NW. Erik is also a certified Level 2 teacher of Trauma-Sensitive Yoga with Warriors at Ease, a non-profit organization that focuses on yoga & meditation for treatment of PTSD in military veterans. 


Ashley Collins is a Counselor, Life Coach and Meditation Guide who has worked with alternative healing and integration methods for the past eight years.  She is trained in Hakomi Methodology through the M.E.T.A Hakomi Institute of Oregon and a certified Life Coach through the World Coach Institute. Ashley utilizes mindfulness, somatic experiencing and integration in her approaches for consciousness and healing.  See more about Ashley's counseling practice @ OmTara Counseling.

As a life-partner team, Ashley & Erik produce the yearly Resonance Restival, a 3-day gathering of yoga, meditation, music & conscious practices in its 4th year.  Both Ashley & Erik perform, lead mantra kirtan and facilitate sound healing in the devotional music group OmTara.


Still Meadow provides a lush, meditative setting for this retreat and your practice in the woods of Damascus, Oregon just 30 minutes from Portland.  The Still Meadow kitchen provides healthy local and mostly vegetarian meals accommodating various dietary restrictions.  Lodging options onsite range from dorm-room style with 3 beds to double-occupancy to private rooms. 

Our retreat practices will take place in the incredible cathedral-like main meeting hall at Still Meadow.  Scroll down to check out more Still Meadow Info below.



The cost to participate in this fall retreat includes all meals & lodging at Still Meadow Retreat Center.  

For specific question on logistics at Still Meadow, please read through the Still Meadow FAQ page


The Still Meadow kitchen provides delicious, healthy local and mostly vegetarian meals accommodating various dietary restrictions.  The OmTara Retreat includes dinner on Friday, all 3 meals on Saturday, and breakfast + lunch on Sunday.  Once you register for the retreat, OmTara will send you a dietary restrictions form, and we will submit all dietary info to the Executive Chef prior to the retreat to ensure all group members have a healthy experience during their stay.  


Click the FAQ for more questions & info on the meals at Still Meadow:

Lodging at Still Meadow

Lodging options for this retreat include:

- dorm-room with 3 beds

- double-occupancy (2 beds for 2 people)

- private rooms (1 bed for 1 person)

- couples private room (2 people in 1 double/queen bed) 


Still Meadow provides a lush meditative space both indoor and out for this fall retreat. Our retreat practices space is in the incredible, cathedral-like main meeting hall at Still Meadow. 

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Through OmTara Healing Music and OmTara Events, we express profound gratitude for all the yogic, musical and spiritual practices that assist all living beings to find and embody their true path in this life. Thank you & Sat Nam! 

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