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Join OmTara for a yoga, meditation, music, sound healing & integration retreat at Breitenbush Hot Springs in early July 2022.  

Nature, renewal, healing waters...



What an amazing weekend we had @ Breitenbush Hot Springs! 
Email us if interested in joining us at Breitenbush in 2023:

★ YOGA + MEDITATION: Erik Blender & Ashley Collins of OmTara will lead you on daily energetic yoga sadhana, indoors and outdoors. We’ll also dive deep into meditative spaces using Kundalini Breath & Mantra techniques.

★ MANTRA AS A MELODIC PRACTICE: Together we’ll develop a better understanding of Kundalini mantra and its melodic uses in meditation + healing work.

★ SOUND HEALING: Experience gong, crystal bowls + live music sound healing for restorative calmness, nervous system repair, & formation of new neural pathways.

★ INTEGRATION & TRANSFORMATION TOOLS: We will guide you in the use of powerful integration tools, & exercises to harvest what arises in your practice and apply it to your personal well-being, health & transformation.

OmTara Counseling 
Integration, mindfulness,
somatic Awareness  & Trauma Healing

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Ashley Collins is an Integration Counselor, Life Coach and Meditation Guide who has worked with alternative healing and integration methods for the past ten years. In her counseling practice she weaves in Hakomi Methodology, Internal Family Systems and Mindful Compassionate Dialogue via Wiseheart to create a container of consciousness, transformation, healing and presence. 

See more about Ashley's counseling practice

@ OmTara Counseling.

Kundalini Yoga & MEDITATION
Pranayam (BreathING), Mantra & SOUND

As a teacher of Kundalini Yoga & Meditation practices,

Erik Blender focuses on nervous system health, overcoming stress & trauma, as well as building strength, capacity, awareness & resilience.  


Come away with tools to manage stress in your life, transform your responses to conflict, restore healthy sleep rhythms, as well as tools to deal with the lingering effects of trauma and PTSD.

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Omtara Music

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