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Ashley C. Collins, M.Ed, CPC

Integration Counseling

Hakomi Methods & Mindfulness

Sound Healing, Mantra, Meditation

Meet Ashley

Ashley Collins is a Counselor, Life Coach and Meditation Guide who has worked with alternative healing and integration methods since 2012.  She is trained in Hakomi Methodology through the M.E.T.A Hakomi Institute of Oregon and a certified Professional Life Coach through the World Coach Institute.  

Ashley utilizes mindfulness, somatic awareness and integration techniques in her approaches for consciousness and healing.

Ashley is passionate about supporting individuals

who are integrating states of awareness, including those induced by cathartic experience, past trauma, the use of psychedelics or spiritual awakening.


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Hakomi Methods & Mindfulness

Present Moment, Somatic Awareness, Exploration

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Transformation, Intention, Integration


Sound Healing, Mantra,  Meditation & Voice

Healing frequency,

Stillness, Song

Hakomi Methods & Mindfulness


The Hakomi methodology allows the client to study deep held beliefs, memories and experiences while in a state of mindfulness, somatic/body awareness and immersion.  I provide a healing container and guidance for my clients to access their innate wisdom and desire for transformation.  Space is held while gently guiding you towards a greater awareness of your organic and true self, the one that seeks a stable, functional, and harmonious way of being in the world.  During our session, I may bring in breathwork, exercises and tools to regulate and calm the nervous system. 

The Hakomi Method of Body-Centered Psychology, originated by Ron Kurtz, engages the present experience, allows for unfolding, and facilitates meaning while moving towards core childhood wounding and healing.

Integration of

Psychedelic Experiences


Choosing to work with psychedelics, entactogens or entheogenic plants for healing and clarity is a powerful decision and should be made with careful consideration.  I offer pre and post guidance, intention setting, processing and integration so you have a broader understanding of the nuances of this healing modality.  Work with psychedelic & entheogenics can reveal physical, emotional and spiritual epiphanies challenging to sort through and understand.  Preparation for a journey, common images, making meaning of it all and the ability to integrate your experience is one of my specialities.  Through the integration process, I  provide tools, techniques, breath work, support and practices that implement insights and how to incorporate them into your daily life, your transformation, and your healing.

  • Please note that the use of psychedelics/entheogenics are not provided in our counseling sessions. 

Sound Healing, Mantra,  Meditation & Voice


Sound, Mantra, Meditation & Voice are profound tools for body awareness & connection to the self.  In addition to using Hakomi techniques and Integration counseling, I offer sound healing, exploring mantras, breath work, meditation and opening your voice through expression and song. Receiving the vibration of crystal bowls, discovering ancient mantras for a goal or intention, or learning healing songs can all act in support of your process during our sessions together.  Sound & mantra utilization also gives you additional tools for your own nervous system self-regulation, calming and healing.

Call  503-381-4562  or  email  Ashley C. Collins to schedule a counseling session.

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