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Rates & Testimonials

Counseling Sessions

I offer a sliding scale of $85-$135 per session

Sessions range 60-90 minutes in length

In Office Location

My office is located close-in SE Portland, in the Richmond Neighborhood, between Division and Powell.  

I am available for

ZOOM, FACETIME or SKYPE sessions. 

What clients are saying:

“I feel incredibly blessed to have had Ashley as a counselor and guide on my healing journey. Her impact in my life has allowed deep transformation to unfold over the last number of years. 

Ashley has a remarkable capacity to mindfully be with whatever discomfort or personal struggle that may arise. In our work together, she’s stretched my capacity for self compassion, resiliency and confidence in myself. Ashley exemplifies unconditional love, non-judgment, and relational attunement. I highly recommend Ashley to anyone healing from past experiences, looking to grow or seeking greater awareness and understanding in their lives.” S.S.

"I have worked with Ashley over the past five years through many different processes and techniques both in groups and one on one. Through Ashley's vast capabilities with healing, she has allowed me to transform my hidden truths, pains, and restrictions to a place to be seen and transformed.   Ashley has shared tools that were not just helpful in the moment, but also to use in my day to day life. Ashley has a profound ability to feel into where I am at any given moment, and gently take the thread from there.  What a gift she has been to my life, with deep gratitude and dedication to the work and for helping people become their highest selves." F.W.

"Ashley has been a shining light in my healing journey of the past two years. I have relied upon her wise guidance and compassion on numerous occasions, as I work through the after-effects of childhood trauma that had lain dormant within me for close to fifty years. In addition to the vast skills she brings to the various healing modalities she offers, Ashley is a delightfully talented and warm person, with a gentle sense of humor.”  D.R.

“I’ve had the honor of working with Ashley over 2 years in meditation ceremonies and have witnessed her wonderful gifts as space holder and healer. She is highly attuned to subtle energetics and knows exactly when and how to step in to help guide people through their healing process. Her Hakomi group sessions are powerful exercises that help people to access their heart space so they can connect more deeply with their emotional realm and with each other. She does it all in a nurturing, gentle and loving way so that one always feels safe and held opening up around her. I can’t recommend her highly enough."   H.S.

"I first met Ashley a little over a year ago, and this weekend, I am flying all the way across the country for the third time since then just so that I can work with her in-person again. Ashley is a true healer in every sense of the word. She has the kindest heart, and holds deep, safe, sacred, beautiful space with a smile and the best sense of humor. Ashley has sat beside me during some of my rawest, vulnerable, most broken down moments with unwavering strength, security, love, and grace. The trust that I have in her is well earned and tremendous...she has helped me to heal in ways that I simply could never have imagined were possible and the transformation that has happened in her presence is profound. Ashley is a blessing and a gift in my life. An opportunity to work with her, in any capacity, should truly not be missed." A.L.

“While working with Ashley, l have nothing but deep gratitude and reverence for her healing modalities. Ashley is a Starseed Healer and Counselor. In our sessions she provided me with tremendous support for very difficult journeys of sadness, depression and much more. With her mother heart and professional skills, Ashley holds the space for true healing sessions. She holds this with sharing from a space of love, compassion and kindness.

You will be in great hands!”   I.F.

"My work with Ashley has been transformative and has opened doors that would otherwise have been intimating to open on my own. When facilitating meditation, Ashley helps create an inner sacred space in a way that is gentle yet determined, with her clear and tactful communication. As the strong facilitator she is, she puts the tools in our hands so that we can access our own inner teacher. Her guidance and teachings extend from meditation into our regular lives as she values and emphasizes that we share feedback about our experience and that we connect with our peers to integrate and discuss our progress in inner work. I highly recommend working with her as she's a true advocate for our commitment to our True Selves. She takes the caliber of our meditation experience very seriously and has refined her offerings into an exceptional art form." S.T.

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Hakomi Methods & Mindfulness

Present Moment, Somatic Experiencing, Exploration

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Transformation, Intention, Integration


Sound Healing, Mantra,  Meditation & Voice

Healing frequency,

Stillness, Song

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