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Storm Noyes

Herbal Alchemy

Herbal Magic & The Practice of Alchemy

This workshop is a deep dive into the world of magical herbalism. We will hand craft essential oil together and learn how to perform simple distillations. Married with the practice of herbalism is the practice of Alchemy, an ancient tradition of radical spirituality. Journey through the years of Alchemic wisdom, from the ancient Egyptians to European sorcery practices, to our modern day world. 

Herbal Essence, Tincture & Kombucha Bar @ The Restival

Storm will also be teaming up to run the herbal tincture + medicinal mushroom & kombucha bar at the Restival.  

Don't miss it!

Storm has been working in alternative medicine for several years and has pursued a wide variety of healing traditions. He has journeyed deep into the Amazon to study and observe indigenous practices. Aside from his pursuits in ethnobotany, he is an Alchemist that has studied in Amsterdam and the United States. He has studied Alchemy at the Spagyricus Institute and the School of Phoenix Aurelis. He loves to dive deep into the mystery of plants and how they can lead to health and consciousness.

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