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Jenny Matson

Sound Healing Journey

Sound Healing Journey:

This Crystal Singing Bowl and Gong Sound Bath is more than your typical sound bath.  It is a superbly cultivated experience of sound and vibration.  Jenny combines the restorative vibrations of crystal singing bowls, the power of the gong and the angelic expression of her voice to elicit a deeply rejuvenating experience within the being.  She also uses the power of the mind through hypnotic suggestion to encourage release and healing within the body.  Allow her to assist you in releasing denser vibrations from your physical body and energy field. 

ABout Jenny

Jennifer Matson is a professional Hypnotherapist and Sound Healer working out of her space Sanctuary Woodinville.  For more than 15 years she has immersed herself in diverse spiritual traditions, accumulating wisdom and insight that guide her approach to healing and to life. 

With these tools she has developed an innovative approach to spiritual awakening with which she both encourages and inspires people to walk a path of self-examination, clarity and freedom.  Rest assured her intimate knowledge of crystal singing bowls and Tibetan gong will effortlessly convey you into the joyous restoration of self. 

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Through OmTara Healing Music and OmTara Events, we express profound gratitude for all the yogic, musical and spiritual practices that assist all living beings to find and embody their true path in this life. Thank you & Sat Nam! 

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