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Yoga for LGBTQI Community and Allies

Dynamic Partner Flow for Queerious Folk


Come experience a diverse, exciting and playful partner yoga class with the lovely couple, Keri and Hilary. These ladies will joyfully lead us through some gentle partner stretching that focuses on awakening the spine and grounding the body. As our bodies open and begin to soften into trust, we will dive into both active and passive partner stretches. We will safely practice balancing moves and explore therapeutic flying, with the support of spotters. The class concludes with a simple, guided Thai massage session where both partners give and receive. Those who are new to partner yoga will be challenged with some fun new moves and stretches while those seasoned in the ways of partner yoga will be rewarded with a deeper understanding of how to connect with a partner. No partner necessary for this class, and these ladies encourage couples to come and deepen their connection with each other. All colors of the rainbow are welcome!


Yoga for Queerious Folk


Let's enjoy being in our bodies together in a safe place where we can soften into the often rigid, neglected places that need our loving attention. Hilary will guide us on a journey of exploring our inner worlds and how to connect more deeply with breath and body. Her diverse background in yoga, massage, Cranio-Sacral therapy, Qi Gong and meditation help her understand the body on many levels and she infuses this knowledge into her teachings. With a sense of playfulness and curiosity, Hilary helps students relax into their bodies and create more space for mind, body and spirit to work together as one.

About hilary

Hilary is excited to offer a unique blend of modalities throughout the weekend. She specializes in trauma release and utilizes the practice of cranio sacral therapy for assisting in this process. Through this subtle and profound work, the body can remember at a deep level how to heal itself and return to equilibrium. Hilary also specializes in deep tissue and through her knowledge of structural integration, she supports her clients to experience a greater sense of ease in their bodies. She has found that the combination of cranio sacral therapy and structural integration is an incredibly potent form of healing. A session with her is much more than a quick physical “fix,” it’s a deep, heart-centered, and grounded way to reconnect body, mind and spirit.

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