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Shalom Mayberg

Crystal Bowl Sound Bath

SOUND BATHS with Shalom

With the use of Quartz Crystal singing bowls, a Native American drum, Tibetan and Indian bells and chimes, and a loving voice, Shalom creates a soundscape where one can relax, unwind, and enter a space where profound healing and growth can take place. The group rests peacefully on their backs while the sounds and vibrations fill the room and body moving in, out, and around; an energetic massage-like experience from the inside out. This class will help you release stress, nourish your nervous system, and immerse your mind and body into a deep state of relaxation, balance, and wellbeing.

About Shalom

In 2001, I began practicing yoga and meditation, leading me to a healthier lifestyle and a more vibrant approach to life in general.
As family, friends, and strangers began asking my advice and seeking my help, I found my true calling: teaching people how to release emotional and physical obstacles in their lives and encourage a greater Mind, Body, Spirit balance in order to heal and live a healthier life. 

After working a few years with the State of Florida as a Police officer in Miami, I left my position and began my journey through both India and Asia for a period of deep learning, exploration, and teaching.  I returned home nearly three years later with two separate 200-hour YTTC (yoga teacher training certifications) in Hatha and Vinyasa yoga and training in Yoga Nidra guided meditations. I also received certifications for Levels 1, 2, and Master Level Reiki practice, have trained in mediumship and psychic work, hold a Rabbinical Certificate from my time spent studying in Israel and studied the art of sound healing for two years with my teacher Debra Kelly.

These healing modalities, which are practical and useful in everyday life, combine energy work, Chakra balancing, and intuitive touch – techniques that help release emotional and physical pain to remove blockages in mind and body. Much of the work I do is transformative and intuitive-based; some techniques are centuries old while others are modern-day practices.

When I am not teaching, I enjoy practicing yoga, group meditation, nutritious cooking, and hiking, as well as mentoring teens to encourage a healthier, mindful lifestyle.

Find out more @ Shalom360.com

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Through OmTara Healing Music and OmTara Events, we express profound gratitude for all the yogic, musical and spiritual practices that assist all living beings to find and embody their true path in this life. Thank you & Sat Nam! 

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