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Loveness Wesa

New Sacred Tribal Sounds

Loveness Wesa has been dancing and singing since Childhood. It is a family tradition to connect with Spirit in this art form. She is a Certified Master Teacher at the Tao Academy and a Soul Mind Body Alignment Practitioner. Loveness is a Choreographer, Actress, Singer and Producer trained in her native Zimbabwe before moving to Portland, Oregon in 2002. She was first exposed to the traditional music and dance of her country as a small child watching her Family, who used song and dance to channel ancestral spirits for help especially during illness.

Experience Loveness’ Tao Tribal sounds, a blend between traditional and new sacred sounds. As Loveness evolves to her Higher self, her music is also evolving. Each mantra/song that comes out of her mouth is a blessing beyond comprehension, and by being in the room with Her you get taken from where you are to higher dimensions of Love, Forgiveness, Compassion, Light and more.

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