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Life as Art

Onedoorland is a community of musicians, artists, and tea monks dedicated to living a life of inspiration, beauty, balance, and harmony. Their intention is to share real tools, experiences, and opportunities for individual and collective transformation through events, media projects, services, and living our Life As Art.

As a media team, OneDoorLand creates inspirational videos, events, and websites to illuminate the artists and projects currently bringing more beauty, integrity, and magic to the world. The community continues to be a sanctuary for musicians and transmission artists, offering collaborative recording time in the home music studio, video artist portraits and documentary filmmaking, and occasional short term artist residencies. The local community continues to gather for ritual music and art “vigils”, using intermodal expressive arts to deepen psychological and spiritual growth as individuals and as a community. Every wall, door, and stairwell has been infused with art. Each mural is a ceremony of creativity, using the power of light, sound, music, tea, and presence to invoke a communal intention into the space itself. This process called “Portal Smiths” has been taken to other community temples, schools, and businesses in Portland as a way to anchor that particular group’s intention into a creative project.

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