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Resonance Restival 2021

Q & A  for 2020 ticket holders

Restival Update: posted May 27, 2020
Questions & Answers: 
Q: Why the decision to return in 2021? 

A:  In response to the COVID-19 global health crisis, Resonance Restival 2020 originally changed it's date to late August with the strong hope that gatherings under 500 people would be possible in the Pacific NW.  However, in deference to & a sense of responsibility to public health, we have faced the tough realization that producing the Restival in 2020 will be too complex & possibly risky.  So, let's gather again in 2021 when we all hope it will be safe to do so. 
Q: What are the available options for those that purchased 2020 tickets?
A:  Similar to most live events & festivals, Restival tickets are non-refundable.  
Restival is a MICRO-FESTIVAL completely funded by ticket pre-sales and produced by a small family-run business.  As such, we run the event on micro-margins to keep it affordable for all, and ticket sales to date do not cover costs we have incurred.  We are very deeply grateful to those who purchased tickets amidst the uncertainty of 2020. If the ticket cost you have invested represents an immediate threat to your financial security, please let us know and compete our emergency request form:
We have 2 great options for 2020 ticket holders to access the full value of your tickets in the future:   

If you already have a Restival 2020 ticket:

1.  Use your ticket at Restival 2021 or 2022:  

Your ticket, at full value, will be honored either at Restival 2021 or Restival 2022 (exact dates TBD soon).

Yes, your full ticket value will be welcome to deliver you to one of the next 2 Restivals.

2.  Apply your ticket to an OmTara Yoga Retreat

Instead of Restival, you can apply the full value of your ticket purchase toward an OmTara Yoga Retreat. When yoga retreats are possible to hold again, OmTara will come back with incredible NW yoga/meditation retreats for up to 30 people per retreat.

Q: If I filled out a volunteer application for 2020, can I be a volunteer in 2021? 
A:  Yes, we have your information and our Volunteer Coordinator will reach out to you to see if you are interested in joining Restival as a volunteer in 2021.  Thank you so much for your support!
Q: Can I be a vendor at the 2021 Restival?
A:  If you are an organic and licensed food vendor, then send us an e-mail.  In terms of merchandise, we have decided to continue offering a more non-commercial space where only herbal medicine, food or body-work is offered for financial exchange.  Our herbal vendors have been chosen, so if you are a licensed body-worker or food vendor, send us an inquiry @
We hope to see you soon when it is safer to gather.
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