Resonance Restival 2020

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Questions and Answers: 
Q: Where and when? 

A:  Resonance Restival 2020 we be held once again at Camp Singing Wind, Toledo, WA over JUNE 26, 27, 28. We are committed to keep this event under 350 people at accessible ticket prices.
Q: When will regular Early Bird 2020 tickets be released?
A:  The regular Early Bird tickets will be released in early March 2020 - This year we SOLD OUT of Early Bird tickets within a couple of weeks so get 'em when they come out! 
Q: Artists/Musicians/Facilitators: Who will they be for Resonance Restival 2020? 
A: We hope to have many returning facilitators, artists and musicians return for 2020.
We are working on booking amazing musical acts for next year. 
Q: Are tickets non-refundable? What if I can't make it? 
A:  Tickets are non-refundable, however, you can sell or gift your ticket in any way you wish.  
We have one caveat.  We cannot allow ticket resales on the Resonance or OmTara social media pages until we sell out.  If and when the 2020 Restival sells out, we will post an announcement and folks can then post to our social media pages if they need to sell their tickets.  Thank you for understanding. 
Q: May I sign on for Volunteering/Worktrade at this time? 
A:  Not yet...We will be opening Volunteering options in March, but check back in with us. We couldn't do it without you! Thank you. 
Q: Can I be a vendor at the 2020 Restival?
A:  If you are an organic and licensed food vendor, then send us an e-mail.  In terms of merchandise, we have decided to continue offering a more non-commercial space where only herbal medicine, food or body-work is offered for financial exchange.  Our herbal vendors have been chosen, so if you are a licensed body-worker or food vendor, send us an inquiry @ .

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